Nanuet, N.Y. (March 6th, 2020) – Michael Altman always loved sports and working out, but having kids sort of derailed his time in the gym. “I gained some weight and felt a bit sluggish overall and in March of 2019 set out to make a change.” said Michael Altman.

Michael Altman talks about her weight loss journey.

1) Why did you choose Peak Physique Personal Training, Bootcamp and Boxing?
I chose Peak Physique because of how welcoming and motivating all the members and coaches are. Everyone at Peak wants you to achieve your goals. No one will ever judge you. They push you to go even harder. Which is extremely helpful, especially when starting, because you need that push. All of their classes, whether it’s boxing or boot camp, you will get that workout you are looking for 100%. ​

2) How many pounds did you lose so far? How long did it take?
I never had loads of weight to lose, but I have lost about 3.5% body fat and gained several pounds of muscle. I’ve been a member for about 10 months now.

3) How did Peak Physique help you meet your weight loss goal?
Constant coaching, encouragement, motivation, and dietary advice from all the staff on a regular basis has helped get me where I wanted to be.

4) How often did you work out at Peak Physique?
I work out at Peak 4 to 5 times a week, alternating between boxing and boot camp.

5) What is your favorite form of exercise to do and why?
I’ve always loved more active hard pushing sports. I grew up playing all sports and spent all my teenage years wrestling, so the bootcamp style workouts are great, and the boxing workouts are killer!

6) Have you had to deal with any injuries along the way?
I’ve not had any serious injuries besides being crazy sore from the workouts!

7) What did you change in your diet?
I’ve tried to follow the coaches’ advice on what to eat and what not to eat. Low carbs, low sugar, high protein etc. are always considerations when it’s time to eat.

8) How did you manage to integrate this healthy lifestyle into your life?
Having two younger kids did not make things easy for a while, but through dedication and the positive reinforcement from the coaches helped push me and keep me on track, until slowly but surely, my habits began to change, and the results started happening… Then it was easy!

9) What is the biggest struggle: food, exercise, temptation?
Food is definitely the biggest struggle… It’s not always easy to eat clean and get the right amounts of what you need to eat daily due to work, travel, kids etc..​

10) What motivates you to continue with this lifestyle?
Results are what keep you motivated and more focused and dedicated you become, the greater the results… It’s addicting!

11) What are your goals for the future?
My future goals are to continue to gain muscle and improve my stamina, as well as help others to reach for their goals… I feel better than I have in years and I truly believe it’s due to the lifestyle and habits I’ve changed this past year bettering myself physically and emotionally.

12) What is your best piece of advice for those just starting their weight loss journey?
The best advice I can give to someone just starting out is to keep pushing and don’t give up! The hardest part about the whole thing is taking the first step. Once you’ve decided to make a change, the rest will fall into place. Sometimes you might feel discouraged or feel the results aren’t coming fast enough, but if you trust in the process and stay dedicated, it’s a 100% guarantee you will change. The best part is you have coaches and fellow gym members right there with you ready to help every step of the way, ready to push you, ready to get you where you want to be… With that kind of support team, you can’t fail!

“I would like to thank Michael Altman for sharing his weight loss journey. I am currently on my weight loss journey and have lost 45 lbs at Peak Physique. I am so excited to finally meet my weight loss goals with the help of Steve and Eva Eckert, and the awesome coaches here. Michael Altman is a true success story and should be applauded for his transformation. He did it the old fashion way with hard work and good nutrition. I am inspired by these stories, and look forward to writing more about people’s weight loss successes at Peak Physique” Jacqueline Cassagnol, MSN, RN, PMC, Founder & President of Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.

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