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Kristin Altieri Lost 60 Pounds At Peak Physique

Nanuet, N.Y. (April 8, 2019) – Kristin Altieri started at Peak Physique in February 2018 and did a 28 Day challenge with her aunt. “Prior to joining Peak Physique in January 2018, I felt like I was at a real low….
I weighed close to 225 pounds. I was not happy with myself. I disliked getting dressed, disliked shopping, and just did not feel myself. I decided to take my aunt up on her offer and joined the challenge of which in 28 days I lost close to 15 pounds. I started to see my body change, and I became hooked!” said Kristin Altieri.
Kristin Altieri talks about her weight loss journey.
1) Why did you choose Peak Physique Personal Training, Bootcamp and Boxing?

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Dr. Jasen A. Ruiz Lost 45 Pounds At Peak Physique

Nanuet, N.Y. (February 4, 2019) – Dr. Jasen A. Ruiz was always active and a sports fanatic when he was younger. He wrestled and played football in high school and college. As he continued on his path through Grad school, he became less active. Upon graduation, he primarily worked behind a desk. Therefore, his activities diminished. However, his eating habits remain the same, forgetting the consequences of unhealthy eating and minimal exercise. “I gained so my much weight that my shirt buttons were screaming and my patients inconspicuously staring” said Dr. Jasen A. Ruiz, CCC-A, F-AAA, Chief Audiologist at Advanced Audiology of NY.

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